Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Natural Ways permanent hair removal at home from simple lemon.
The permanent natural hair removal at home with lemon is simple method to help women "weeding" quickly without causing harm to the skin and health.

If you only know about the  lemon through the use for the  beauty skin, acne, toxins, then you will know more now extremely great effect of this tiny fruit is waxing.

Natural permanent hair removal

How to get the permanent natural hair removal with lemon

Why lemon is a natural permanent hair removal that you should not ignore, especially with the "believers" prefer the simple method that can be done at home? Simply because it contains large amounts of vitamin C lemon and abundant natural acid which can remove the  dead skin cells, cleans the skin surface. When combined with other ingredients such as honey, sugar ... lemon brings permanent hair reduction effect amazing.
For hair removal results as the will with lemon, experts at the Institute of Skin Care Tips Dr.Spiller Skinlab pleased you the following:

Hair removal with sugar , lemon as well as honey

"Perfect material including'sugar, lemon and honey when combined together will bring work extremely effective for the hair removal. Lemon acid, bleach, while honey has anti-bacterial that help clean pores and prevent odor-causing bacteria because it contains calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, magnesium and trace elements.

To make a permanent natural hair removal, you need to mix sugar, lemon, honey in proportion 1: 2: 1. Next, apply this mixture on the skin, you can eliminate hair, the hair will quickly "surrender" by Autologous. The last thing you need to do is toilet after thoroughly clean skin, and topical creams to prevent skin dryness.

Lemon with chicken egg 

The chicken eggs in the list of ingredients can be combined with lemon for permanent hair removal is egg whites. Exfoliating effect, deodorization of lemon was too clear, so you should remain egg. why? According to the study, the egg contain folate, the trace element and vitamin B which  help  remove the dark pigment in the skin, and return to your new skin brightening.
Moreover, for "weeding" thanks crisp egg whites with an adhesive, when combined with lemon, and  applied to the skin will look like you are using pieces waxing. What you need to do is peel sheet "mask eggs "inversely to ingrown hairs, the hairs will stick to chicken eggs under out.

Lemon, cucumber and turmeric

Lemon, but when combined with cucumber and turmeric will form a permanent natural hair removal that is both safe and effective cost savings.
These "partners" comes with lemon as turmeric. They have anti-bacterial and heal very well, and cucumber with calcium, vitamin A, B, C, D ... skin lightening effect, astringent pores while preventing invading bacteria.
Perform a hair removal is as follows: take 3 drops of lemon juice, 2 slices of cucumber and 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder, then rub the mixture on the skin should be thoroughly, let stand 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

To thoroughly coat with the lemon and the accompanying material as effective as desired, you should perform regularly, and after sterilization, you should provide reasonable skincare. If you're too busy and you do not have enough performing time this method, you still have other options, such as permanent hair reduction with Laser Diode. This is the technology of modern American hair removal today, with the ability ultrafast permanent hair reduction, only in minutes, resulting in a permanent, lifetime warranty.


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