Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Male body hair removal is a combination of personal preference, function, and style. A smooth, hairless body in respect to males is considered fashionable and appealing in most westernised countries, making the hair removal industry grow and surge forwards. Not just women anymore, men are also investigating all different methods of hair removal to ensure that they are well groomed and hairless using the best and most effective methods of hair removal.
Why do Men undertake Body Hair Removal?
It is only recently that men have taken notice of options for hair removal for men. For decades they have removed the hair on their faces, but not really paid much consideration to the rest of their body hair. Now men are much more comfortable expressing their individuality and are much more concerned with beauty, grooming, and physical appearance than they were a few years ago. With the media and the public pushing body hair removal for men, male grooming products have reached new levels of popularity and demand. Many male sportsmen also remove body hair for specific sporting requirements, especially athletes and swimmers.
Body Hair Removal for Men

Ways of Male Body Hair Removal

There are many ways currently available for male body hair removal, and all have varying success and pain rates. As every man's hair growth, skin type and skin sensitivity is different, the best method for grooming body hair has to be determined a little by trial and error. The most popular forms of removing body hair for men are:
Shaving: Men are used to shaving, most having shaved their faces for years. This form of depilation requires to be repeated often however, and can result in ingrown hairs and stubble which may be unacceptable on other body parts. While it is an instant fix, regrowth takes less than a day to show.
•  Waxing: Many sportsmen, as well as regular men are turning to waxing as a form of hair removal. Painful but effective, it can leave men completely hair free for a few weeks, perfect if they wish to be totally smooth for a long period of time.
Depilatories: Hair removal and hair inhibitor creams are widely used by both men and women. Pain free and with instantaneous results, hair removal can be better for men wanting to avoid ingrown hairs. There are many different kinds available, including specialist male formulas.
Plucking: Plucking hair is a time consuming and painful method of hair removal, however it allows for precision, so if a man is wanting to shape his eyebrows, or simply give them a bit of a neatening up, plucking is the best option. Regrowth takes a while too, as hair is removed from the follicles.
Laser Hair Removal: Laser hair removal is a very effective, almost permanent method of hair removal. After 4-6 treatments, it will take up to six months for the hair to return. The Rio Laser Hair removal device brings this fantastic hair removal technology into your own home.
• no!no! Hair: This is a revolutionary new product that inhibits future hair growth by 64% and a great hair removal for men. This handy, portable device uses brand new Thermicon technology to literally burn the hairs off your body. Thankfully however, it is 100% pain free and safety tested.
• Bleach: Hair bleaching can make hair less noticeable, and although not a hair removal method, it is often useful for those vellus hairs which probably won't, but may show.
Excessive body hair can be a source of embarrassment for men, but with so many products for hair removal for men around, there is no excuse for having hair that you want to be rid of.


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